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5 step hypothesis non parametric test

I want to conduct ‘5 step hypothesis non parametric test’. Although I know the basic steps included in non parametric test, I don’t know the steps included in ‘5 step hypothesis non parametric testing’. Can someone help me with this? Thank you in advance!

asked on 15 Feb 19

Aarthi SAarthi S
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AutoCAD vs SolidWorks

I’m conducting my research in mechanical engineering field. My research topic is ‘ design and fabrication of portable water turbine’. For designing purpose I want to use autocad software. But my friends recommended solidworks software. Which is better among the two?

asked on 13 Feb 19

Meghana RMeghana R
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Institute to conduct research in stellar astrophysics

Hello! I have completed my master’s in physics from the top University. Now I want to conduct my research in stellar astrophysics field. Please suggest me some topics. Also, which is the best institute that offers in course?

asked on 13 Feb 19

Aliya TazeenAliya Tazeen
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Store images in MATLAB

Is it possible to store images in a single array in MATLAB?

asked on 12 Feb 19

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Research in biostatistics

I want to conduct research in biostatistics. I’m basically from statistics background. Can I pursue my PhD in biostatistics field?

asked on 11 Feb 19

Carol GraceCarol Grace
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Query regarding group theory and geometry

Although I have completed my Master’s in mathematics, I still have query regarding group theory and geometry.

asked on 11 Feb 19

Krishan PancholiKrishan Pancholi
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Spearman rho correlation interpretation

How can I interpret the output Spearman rho correlation? Help please!

asked on 10 Feb 19

Roopa KRoopa k
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Implementing Kruskal algorithm in C++

How to implement Kruskal algorithm in C++? Please provide me the codes.

asked on 10 Feb 19

Prajwal SharmaPrajwal Sharma
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How to remove plagiarized contents?

My research paper contains plagiarized contents. I cannot submit a research paper with plagiarized contents. How can I effectively remove them?

asked on 10 Feb 19

Novi TulipeNovi Tulipe
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Scope of IOT

Is it advisable to conduct research in internet of things (IOT)? Does it have any scope in the future?

asked on 09 Feb 19

Rajkumar EligediRajkumar Eligedi