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Tips to proofread the research document

I want to proofread my research document. I haven’t done this earlier. Hence I want some tips to continue with the process.

asked on 14 Apr 19

Rajesh GundlapalliRajesh Gundlapalli
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Types of descriptive research methods

My research domain is social psychology. I’m supposed to use descriptive research method. But there are many types of descriptive research methods out there. Which one should I use? I’m so confused. Please help.

asked on 23 Mar 19

Aarna KPaarna
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Technique to observes data items in a data set

Hello all. I want to observe data items in a data set. For this purpose should I use prediction technique or outer detection data mining technique? I feel both are similar. Any suggestion?

asked on 18 Mar 19

Preetham MPreetham M
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Physics behind Schrodinger cat

I have always heard about schrodinger cat. Can someone explain me the physics behind the same?

asked on 12 Mar 19

Jane AustenJane Austen
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Classification of economic variable

Is there any classification in the economic variable? Please guide me.

asked on 09 Mar 19

Nithin RaoNithin Rao
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Method used to obtain an optimal solution

Which approach should I use to obtain an optimal solution for a problem if constraints are given?

asked on 06 Mar 19

Sumitra Msumitra m
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Research topics in architecture

I want to pursue my PhD in architecture area. Could someone please help me find some interesting topics?

asked on 25 Feb 19

Waylon KearneyWaylon Kearney
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Criticize data in history domain

My research domain is history. What are steps included in the research process in this field and how to criticize the required data?

asked on 20 Feb 19

Aarthi SAarthi S
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Implementing Kruskal algorithm in C++

How to implement Kruskal algorithm in C++? Please provide me the codes.

asked on 10 Feb 19

Prajwal SharmaPrajwal Sharma
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List of rocks consisting fossils

I’m pursuing my research career in geochemistry. Can someone provide me with a list of rocks that consists fossils?

asked on 04 Feb 19

Divya NayakDivya