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IMplementing Kruskal algorithm in C++

How to implement Kruskal algorithm in C++? Please provide me the codes.

asked on 10 Feb 19

Prajwal SharmaPrajwal Sharma
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Run SQL queries in R

I want to run SQL queries in R with sqldf package. How do I do it?

asked on 04 Feb 19

Radhey ShyamRadhey Shyam
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Regular PhD vs Integrated PhD

I have completed my master’s recently. I’m planning to my pursue my career in PhD area. Should I opt for regular PhD or choose integrated PhD.

asked on 03 Feb 19

Nisha SinghNisha Singh
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Efficiency of PV panel

Hi everyone. I want to conduct research in solar energy field using Solar Photovoltaic panel. My research topic is ‘PV Power Electronics’. Is PV panel really efficient as everyone says?

asked on 29 Jan 19

Krishan PancholiKrishan Pancholi
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Topics in biology

Hello everyone. I have completed my master’s in Biology. Now I want to conduct my PhD in the same domain. I have checked several sources yet couldn’t find an interesting topic. Can someone please suggest me some?

asked on 26 Jan 19

Muhammad Umar FarooqMuhammad Umar Farooq
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Chi-Square test vs ANOVA test

Help please! Confused between Chi-Square test and ANOVA test.

asked on 24 Jan 19

Yashaswini SinghYashaswini Singh
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Proofreading a thesis

I have completed thesis writing process. I have never proofread my thesis. But my friend asked me to do so. What is the need for proofreading a thesis?

asked on 22 Jan 19

Sonali JainSonali Jain
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Theoretical framework

Hi all. I’m supposed to use theoretical framework in my study. My research field is sociology. Can someone tell me some basic concepts about theoretical framework?

asked on 21 Jan 19

Sneha RaoSneha
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WiMax network architecture

I’m interested in WiMAX field. I want to conduct research in this field. I have finalised the topic as well. Before proceeding can someone guide me on WiMAX network architecture.

asked on 20 Jan 19

Robin SubbaSubba Robin
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Formaula for bandwidth of cascaded amplifier

My conducting my research in electronics. My research topic is ‘Simulation of Ultra-Wideband Low Noise Amplifier using Cascaded amplifiers’. Can someone help me derive a formula for bandwidth shrinkage of cascaded amplifier?

asked on 15 Jan 19

Tarushi YadavTarushi Yadav