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Which tool is suitable to conduct big data integration?

Which tool should i use to conduct big data integration; Splice machine or talend? Which is more suitable?

asked on 13 Mar 19

Rahul Krahul k
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Can electric pump be sized?

Can we size a electric pump and then use it with a centrifugal pump? Is this really possible?

asked on 13 Mar 19

Payal GPayal G
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Stages involved in micropropagation

Please explain me the stages involved in micropropagation.

asked on 12 Mar 19

Manasa RaoManasa Rao
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Physics behind Schrodinger cat

I have always heard about schrodinger cat. Can someone explain me the physics behind the same?

asked on 12 Mar 19

Jane AustenJane Austen
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Methods to analyse the proteins

Other than titration and neutralisation techniques, are there any other methods to analyse the proteins?

asked on 12 Mar 19

Deeksha SDeeksha S
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Study model and related work session in technical paper

Is it necessary to implement related work and study model in the technical paper? Also provide me with sample technical paper layout?

asked on 12 Mar 19

Madhu BMadhu B
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How to controll servo motors?

How can a servo motors be controlled? Immediate response will be appreciated.

asked on 11 Mar 19

Khaja Mannankhaja Mannan
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Using shift register with Raspberry pi

I want to use shift register with raspberry pi. How do I do it?

asked on 11 Mar 19

Prithvi PatelPrithvi Patel
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Is pelton and turgo turbine the same?

Is there any similarity between pelton turbine and turgo turbine? What is the % efficiency I can achieve if I use pelton turbine.

asked on 11 Mar 19

Amy KAmy K
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Technique used to measure gene expression

Can someone explain me the technique used to measure gene expression in human tissues?

asked on 10 Mar 19

Sal GraySal Gray