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Translating thesis from non-native to native language

I have written my thesis in non-native language. Now my professor has asked me to translate my thesis into native language. I’m not very well aware of the native language and its rules. What should I do now? I feel so frustrated. Kindly provide me some solution or tips to translate my thesis. Thank you […]

asked on 20 Apr 19

Thamizhini NagarajanThamizhini Nagarajan
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Components associated with reciprocating pump

I have never used reciprocating pump. Now I’m supposed to use the same. Can someone explain the major components associated with the same and how it functions? It would be a great help!

asked on 18 Apr 19

Vipin KumarVipin Kumar
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How to proofread dissertation?

I want to proofread my dissertation. But I don’t know how exactly it needs to be done. Can someone provide me some tips for the same?

asked on 17 Apr 19

Rajiv Bhatiarajiv bhatia
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MLA style guidelines

I had implemented APA style throughout my thesis. But now I learnt that I was supposed to incorporate MLA style and not APA style. But I do not know the guidelines of MLA style. Please guide me. Thank you in advance!

asked on 17 Apr 19

Rishab KhannaRishab Khanna
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Tips to write discussion paper

Hello all! I’m stuck with discussion chapter. I have completed others chapters but am unable to complete this chapter. (I know the general guidance that should be considered) Please guide me.

asked on 16 Apr 19

Robin SubbaSubba Robin
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Reliable data mining tips

I want to extrapolate patterns from the data I have collected. Among various data mining which one should I use? Any suggestions?

asked on 16 Apr 19

Dipanjan ChattopadhyayDipanjan Chattopadhyay
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Tips to choose research topic

While choosing a research topic, which all kinds of topics should I consider and which all should I avoid? Please help!

asked on 16 Apr 19

Nisha SinghNisha Singh
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Origin for plotting graphs

Can I use origin software for plotting graphs? Is it a good software?

asked on 15 Apr 19

Garima Chauhangarima chauhan
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Tips to avoid plagiarism

I know that plagiarised content leads to rejection of research document and is also considered as an offensive crime. I want to write my research document. But before that I want to know how can I avoid plagiarism.Tips  to avoid 

asked on 15 Apr 19

Madhu BMadhu B
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Labview for graphical programming

I have heard that LabView has great user interface for graphical programming. Can it be used for graphical programming or for presenting an idea?

asked on 15 Apr 19

Deep SinghDeep