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Hi. So I’m pursuing my PhD research on the following area – “Emergence of Female actors on Stage”. I am basically researching on the Restoration Period, 17th century England, currently doing a Literature Review. I’m looking forward to explore a dimension under this category. Any kind of suggestion would be appreciated.

asked on 20 Jun 17Fern G Fern G
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answered on 22 Jun 17

Charles II’s womanizing ways & the emergence of female actors. There has to be some relationship between both of these things. I guess restoration period and Charles II had a lot to do with women coming up on the stage. Try that!

Rekha Bajaj rekha bajaj
answered on 28 Jun 17

Do watch this movie Stage Beauty (2004). I don’t know whether you can use it as an accurate source of information or not. But, I guess it will help you better understand the scenario during the seventeenth century, people’s notions regarding female actors and the plight of those adolescent male actors who went out of job overnight. It’s an amazing movie to start with.

Pritam Kapoor pritam kapoor
answered on 30 Jun 17

Nell Gwyn was one of the most crucial factor in enabling women come up on the stage. You can do a separate study on her life too. A suggested area can be ( I really don’t know whether it has been researched before or not ) – Role of Nell Gwyn in the emergence of female actors.

Rajiv Bhatia rajiv bhatia
answered on 03 Jul 17

You can try a religious dimension over here. May be you can analyse the dwindling Catholicism and the rising Protestantism during this era and how it played a major role in shaping the society’s views regarding female actors on stage. You have chosen a brilliant topic. You will find many subthemes. Good luck!

Parul Singh parul singh

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