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I am an Indian PhD student pursuing my degree in UAE. My research subject is Dhubs (Uromastyx aegyptius), the spiny tailed lizard that is common here. I don’t have much idea regarding handling of this lizard (or rather any idea) and my guide is adamant that my research should revolve around their physiology and other crucial aspect. The data available on the internet is scarce and old. Further not much research has been done w.r.t the species I want to target. Whatever data is present is relevant to other species (Uromastyx leptieni, Uromastyx  hardwickii, etc.) My project is already delayed and the guide is stubbornly asking for a detailed proposal along with step by step research methodology. I am completely blank as to what to make of this animal and how to design my research project. Kindly understand my situation. Even my seniors are not cooperating and I don’t know whom to approach. I am thoroughly fed up as this topic has become a roadblock. I am worried that whether or not I will be able to finish my research and along with that write my whole thesis and submit it on time?

asked on 16 Jan 18Rajshree Tamang Rajshree Tamang
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answered on 23 Jan 18

Hi.. I think if your project is already delayed, you do not have access to much material and are not sure on how to make a detailed proposal, you should look into taking help from a consultancy.
I would recommend you to go for PhD Guidance, Mumbai Me and my friend got both research topic and proposal developed from them. We explained our ideas and shared the guidelines with them & the work was done accordingly. It got approved from the university and now we are about to complete our 2nd year. I think you should also think about this option.

Lalit Mudra Lalit Mudra
answered on 24 Jan 18

Dhubs are interesting creatures, often mistaken for dangerous lizards. Usually a person who has interest in reptiles would able to understand. They are pretty easy to study and I am sure you can also manage easily. They are pretty common to find in Saudi arabia so you will not have difficulty in obtaining them for your studies.are a lot of local people who often possess knowledge regarding these animals and will be glad you help you out. 
Also as the data available is a bit scarce, therefore, if you do some genuine research and obtain quality results, it can be published easily in a good journal. Don’t take it in a pessimistic view.There are papers available in which handling of the animal is described and many websites are also there that provide information regarding their breeding and other requirements. Also, if this is bothering you, talk to your supervisor. If you show a bit more enthusiasm, he or she might you help you a bit with his own experience (i.e. if he has worked in this field). Dhubs are harmless, unless and until provoked. they are gentle creatures who prefer to spend their time sunbathing or hiding in their burrow. Their diet is also very simple. You will be able to manage them easily.  All the best 

Anubhav Kumar Anubhav Kumar
answered on 27 Jan 18
Yashti Iyer Yashti Iyer

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