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I’m a research scholar in psychology studying child psychology towards racism. I have to publish atleast 3 papers as part of the program. Are there different types of papers? I heard my colleagues using some technical terms that I haven’t heard before. Pls give some suggestions on the papers that I can possibly work on…

asked on 19 Jan 18Yashti Iyer Yashti Iyer
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answered on 23 Jan 18

Since, your research is related to Psychology area, there can be two broad types of research papers which you can work on – Review Paper and Empirical Paper.
Review papers, also known as Survey papers are those where literature available on primary researches that have already been conducted on a given topic are critically evaluated and information is synthesized to give an understanding on the progress and current state of the topic.

Empirical paper reports an original research wherein one needs to collect and analyze raw data and conduct an original study. An empirical paper highlights the different steps that were followed during the research process, how the study was conducted, the findings of the research and what was concluded or interpreted from the study. Therefore, this basically involves collection of data, its analysis and interpretation.
As you need to published 3 papers, I think you should firstly work on the Review paper. You can write a review paper based on the research topic. And the remaining two papers can be empirical, which can be written while you are conducting your research.

Jessica Jessica
answered on 24 Jan 18

I think in addition to having an idea on the types of paper, you should also start looking into the different journals where you can have your journals published. In case your university or guide instructs you on the journals that you need to target, then that’s good.
Otherwise you can look into both national and international journals. If you want to have the papers published in international journals, you can have a look at the journals in Psychology that are listed under SSCI or SCOPUS from their respective websites. Its always advised to decide on the journals and then develop the papers according to the standards of the desired journal. That way you eliminate the possibility of rework at a later point of time.

Pradeep Sharma Pradeep Sharma

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