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I have my PhD interview in another few weeks. I have finalized a topic related to the factors affecting the performance of high school students in South India. Now, while writing the synopsis, I am not sure what to put in Research methodology. Please tell me what all information is required in methodology? I also want to know the specific heads thats need, so that it becomes easier and I can think further on what to do.

asked on 19 Jan 18Priyanshu Rathore Priyanshu Rathore
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answered on 23 Jan 18

While preparing your synopsis, the methodology must basically outline how you are going to carry out your research. To make it easier for you, I have highlighted few points that are a must and should be included in your methodology.

  • What is the type of research you are conducting? Is it exploratory, descriptive, analytical or predictive research?
  • Are you following a Qualitative or Quantitative approach?
  • Will the study involve primary data or secondary data?
  • For data collection, who will be your population and sample? What is the sampling technique?
  • What tools and methods would be used for data collection – Questionnaires/ Interviews/ Observations/ Case studies?
  • For data analysis what procedure or tool will you use?

If you are able to answer these questions in your methodology, that should do. If you want to read more on this & have a better understanding, look into this page.

Aditi Sharma Aditi Sharma
answered on 24 Jan 18

Although the concept of research methodology has been explained in a concise manner in the previous reply, in case you want to have a detailed look into the different types of research designs, sampling techniques, data collection methods or analysis techniques, you can refer this pdf. If you obtain an understanding of the underlying concepts, I am sure this will help you in the long run.
Even, this video might help.

Jessica Jessica

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