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I am studying the selling behavior orientations of sales persons and what internal factors determine their performance and orientations. I have come up with the framework, objectives and hypothesis. Now I have to develop a questionnaire. I will be following a mixed methodology of both qualitative and quantitative. What all should I keep in mind while making the questionnaire? How do I make sure if my questionnaire is correct? I am looking for some quick tips, so that I can get this done quickly in one shot without any repetition. Thank u!

asked on 19 Jan 18Lisa Hedgewell Lisa Hedgewell
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answered on 23 Jan 18

The main point that you need to consider while designing your questionnaire are the target correspondents, your objectives and hypotheses of your study. The questionnaire should include questions corresponding to each of your objectives and the respective hypotheses. Secondly, you need to determine in what form you want the answers to be. Is it a simple true/false or Yes/No, a descriptive answer or multiple choice or likert scale. Try to keep the questions concise and to the point so that the respondent remains engaged and fills it correctly. Also, to check the correctness of your questionnaire, once you have developed the questions, do a pilot study. This will help you in improving the questionnaire in case if required.
Read through these webpages to get further idea on making questionnaires.

Pradeep Sharma Pradeep Sharma
answered on 24 Jan 18

As far as your quantitative questionnaire is concerned, to check the correctness of it, you can follow a step-by-step process to validate your questionnaire. You can read here for a detailed outline on how to go about it
Basically, even if you prepare your questionnaire after careful consideration, still there can be certain anomalies, and you avoid the same by validating your questionnaire.

Rajshree Tamang Rajshree Tamang
answered on 25 Jan 18

Once you have created your questionnaire, you need to validate the same. Firstly, you can do a pilot study, that is, you can do a test run on few samples, then you can do Principal Component Analysis & find the Cronbach’s Alpha. Based on these results, you can remove the questions that have really low Cronbach Alpha values, & revise your questionnaire accordingly. However, if you choose to add more questions, it is always useful if you do another pilot study.

Manpreet Jaiswal Manpreet Jaiswal

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