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I am planning to do PhD in a year. So I was browsing the internet on this. I just had this question, that why do I need to have a research proposal before I begin my thesis writing? I have to anyways write about what’s written in the proposal in my thesis. Then why do it 2 times? Isn’t it easier and time saving if its done once. Just asking…

asked on 19 Jan 18Keshav Verma Keshav Verma
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answered on 23 Jan 18

It’s good that you are researching about doing PhD well in advance. Actually, having a research proposal is crucial for any researcher. That is because a research proposal basically outlines the key elements that are involved in your intended research process, how you will go about it and what you intend to attain at the end. If you’re formulating a proposal in the beginning itself, I can assure you that it will definitely save you a lot of time in the long run as you can blindly follow the developed plan to complete the research without any unnecessary diversions. In addition, a well framed proposal can very well help you in convincing your supervisor and authorities that you are well-versed with the topic, have given a lot of thought about what you want to carry out and are equipped with the necessary skills and a work-plan to achieve it.
From my experience, I would advise you to make your proposal and get it approved  before starting your research. And avoid falling into the trap of choosing an easy way out as without a proposal you are bound to get stuck and waste of lot of time.

Yashti Iyer Yashti Iyer
answered on 23 Jan 18

Even I was not sure, why I needed a proposal and why I couldn’t directly begin the writing of my thesis. When I was at this stage, I asked around a lot and did some reading. I found this document and it actually changed my perspective. Hope it helps you too.

Pradeep Sharma Pradeep Sharma

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