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Hi, I have hit a bit of a roadblock in my PhD. My research topic is about in silico docking of certain chemical compounds against crucial parasitic enzymes. My in silico work has yielded positive results. However, my data is rejected by good journals. My guide insists that the fault lies in my writing and the way I am presenting my results. He is constantly finding faults with my writing. I am seriously frustrated as such a behaviour is pushing me towards depression. With no significant publishing and nagging from guide, I am regretting my decision of pursuing PhD. Please help me. How can I publish my data in good journals. How can i make my data more effective? Plz help. A worried scholar here. Thanks

asked on 27 Jan 18Martha Whaley Martha Whaley
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answered on 13 Feb 18

You need to understand that not everyone can have a flair for writing. If your research has yielded positive results, but you are facing issues in writing, then I would suggest you to take some professional help on this. If your guide claims that the writing is inadequate and needs to be improved, then you must take his feedback into consideration and do your work accordingly. I understand that its frustrating for you to do it repetitively. Instead of wasting your time and resources trying to do something where you lack the expertise, I would recommend you to approach an academic writer, who can do the writing for you in a creative manner and present your results inventively, based on the research you have done.

Keshav Verma Keshav Verma

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