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Hi, I am a PhD scholar, in the midst of approaching deadlines and load of work ahead of me, I am losing faith in my capability to even complete this research. I am entangled in so much disappointment regarding this, I had been so hopeful and passionate about this project earlier. I have to formulate a research methodology, by the end of this month and instead of helping me with it, my guide has left me with a couple of confusing theoretical terms like ‘Realism’ ‘Positivism’ and ‘Interpretivism’ from which I ought to choose to where do I lay my study, along these theoretical lines. The PhD manual of my Department has come to no use either. I am fretting over what methodology would be suitable for my PhD research, I am researching on ‘The Impact of Same- Sex Parenting on the children in UK’. This portal seems like a discussion hub for PhD scholars, and I hope my request is not falling on deaf ears.

asked on 31 Jan 18Krishan Pancholi Krishan Pancholi
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answered on 31 Jan 18

Hi, you seem to be caught up in a number of tasks simultaneously, but that’s exactly what a researcher scholars’ life all about, Relax, you will be just fine. The research approach of any study is selected on the basis of the nature of the research, and a little study about these approaches would allow you to a fair understanding
It also depends on how you want to collect data for the study that you are doing, you can refer to the following books and websites for assistance-

Sonali Jain Sonali Jain

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