Category: Substantive EditingWhere can I get substantive editing for my research paper done?

I am a senior manager in the corporate field and utilizing my experience and expertise in this field I have been researching on managerial behaviour and managerial skills to boost motivation among the employees, for quite a sometime now, having formulated a research paper on the same topic I have decided to get my research paper published in journals, however because of not having much time to dedicate on the research paper, it definitely requires substantive editing, I am unaware about editing particulars so I am interested in availing editing service, I would appreciate some valuable suggestions for the same.

asked on 01 Feb 18Anubhav Kumar Anubhav Kumar
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answered on 05 Feb 18

When I had to send in my paper to the supervisor for his approval, I had asked a friend to read it before i sent it to supervisor, he said that there were a lot of grammatical errors and problems related to sentence construction and logical structure in my paper and hence I couldn’t send in the paper as it was. Although, my friend had initially promised that he would spare time for the editing work that is to be done, but he got busy with his job and couldn’t do so. I was feeling very frantic about how I would submit my paper but then I found out about professional editing services online, I got my paper edited from the following services-

Lalit Mudra Lalit Mudra

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