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What are the various kinds of Research Designs? I’m working on the Research Methodology chapter for my thesis is on childhood obesity and its effect on the mental health of children, I am finding it very confusing to select and narrow down a research design for my study? It is all sooo very confusing, I have come across so many types of Research designs on different online sources that my head is beginning to spin….they have confused me more than I was when I started. Can anyone who has written a research methodology chapter help me with the process of selecting a particular Research Design?

asked on 07 Feb 18Yashti Iyer Yashti Iyer
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answered on 09 Feb 18

I do not see why you are facing an issue in figuring out the research design for your work if you are clear about how you are going to go about your study. A research design is merely meant to be a blueprint of the various steps you will take during the course of your study. As per my knowledge there are only a few kinds of research designs that people usually employ for their research, these are Exploratory Research Design, Explanatory Research Design, and Descriptive Research. I cannot give you a very detailed idea about each of these in a post but I will explain try to explain them briefly.
Exploratory research design is mainly used for research studies where the subject of the study has not been explored earlier, in this design the idea is to use an exploratory study in order to see if there is scope for further concrete research in the field.
Explanatory research design is mainly concerned with the why and the explanation for why the research study has certain components or elements, and why they should be included as the part of the study. It is mainly concerned with the why of things in context of the research study.
Descriptive Research Design is used when a researcher wants to observe a phenomenon or human behaviour in its natural environment without any external manipulations or influence it in any way, it mostly selected for studies where the groundwork for research has already been established by prior research studies in the field.

Anubhav Kumar Anubhav Kumar
answered on 09 Feb 18

I agree with most of what is said in the last answer ,I would just like to add about the importance of being clear about the strategies you’re using for your research which will ultimately help you in formulating the Research Design properly for your study. Otherwise you’ll be seesawing between selecting one or the other (I was guilty of doing the same when I was working on my research study) so just giving you a heads up to ensure that you avoid the same mistakes that I made. Just aim to be clear about the various procedures and steps involved in your research and you’ll be able to deal with the research design bit. Hope this helps and all d best!

Jessica Jessica

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