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I am doing PhD and currently in a big dilemma with respect to my thesis. I am not that good at writing frankly and I have somehow managed to write some parts of my thesis. The reason being my guide is giving me a lot of pressure and I don’t want my written work to lag behind. I have seen cases where people focus only on the research and not on writing the thesis and then regret later. To write the whole thesis at the end is a big headache which I want to avoid. Anyway, on the advice of my friend, I did plagiarism check and i was shocked. It came out to be 55%. I am now completely helpless as to what to do.Rewrite the whole stuff would be time consuming and I don’t know whether I will be able to do it properly or not? A friend suggested editing some parts. I tried but it didn’t help and I ended up wasting more time. I haven’t told my guide yet as I am afraid of how he will react. My research involves a lot of wet lab work and i cannot devote so much time to writing. Please help.

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answered on 13 Feb 18

You don’t have to worry so much. It is understandable for a thesis to have some plagiarism.
It’s pretty simple. When you are checking the plagiarism, whether it is a free online tool or a paid tool, you must have generated the plag report along with the results. Go through that report once. The usual format of these reports is that, they highlight wherever plagiarism is found in the thesis. So for removing the plagiarism, instead of editing the entire thesis, just take care of those parts which are highlighted and show plagiarism. Also, check if all the references and in-text citations have been done properly. Another mistake which scholars usually do is, they forget to exclude the Bibliography while running or checking the plagiarism. So keep these points, and work it out.

Keshav Verma Keshav Verma

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