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I have already used Mendeley reference manager for my paper manuscript that requires APA format but I realised that authors names are also carrying et al and incomplete at the reference list section, pls how do I go about correcting ?

asked on 01 Mar 18Isiaka Muhammad Isiaka Muhammad
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answered on 17 Mar 18

I don’t entirely understand the problem that you are encountering. When you are importing the references into Mendeley, the names of authors, the formatting and the way they are spelt occur according to what you have entered in the files. I have been using Mendeley for quite a few years now and have never come across such an issue. Are you sure that you have checked the names, spellings and the content properly before importing the files? Maybe there are some words like ‘et al’ that you skipped removing and hence they are visible in Mendeley.  

Keshav Verma Keshav Verma

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