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Hello, iam currently studying for my MBA program from Hariot Watt university here in UK and I intend to pursue my PHD in business, Iam already a qualified internal auditor and have around 7 years experience in internal audit. My question is where can i apply for phd, I understand that MBA is not a research based degree, hence what and where are my chances of being accepted in the phd program here in UK. Regards

asked on 05 Apr 18Tahaerum Tahaerum
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answered on 05 Apr 18

Hi.. I see that u are currently doing your MBA and wish to do your PhD in Business in UK. I think you can explore this website

My cousin referred this to me, as she used this portal for finding universities in Canada for her PhD. You can search here for different academic programs based on the specializations and country of your interest. Hope this helps. Though, I am not sure on where it would be easier to get accepted.

Jessica Jessica

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