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I am working on a research concerned with social media marketing and consumer buying behaviour. This area is very extensive and there are a lot of studies on it. So, I am first required to develop literature review and then come up with a narrowed topic. But this is where I am confused, as there are a lot of studies! What exactly should I look for? Where should I start? And how will I narrow it down?

asked on 06 Apr 18Lisa Hedgewell Lisa Hedgewell
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answered on 07 Apr 18

Hi, I went through your queries and hence, will try to help you out of this confusion. You can go to Elsevier site and find the research papers related to this topic. Then, you can develop the literature review portion by consulting few research papers. With the help of those research works, you can narrow down the topic and make it specific.

Manpreet Jaiswal Manpreet Jaiswal
answered on 13 Apr 18

As per your query, you can search some recent research papers online that are relevant to the topic and then develop the literature review section. By consulting those papers, you can modify your topic in such a way so that it has a wide scope of research.

Sonali Jain Sonali Jain
answered on 20 Apr 18

You can find some relevant papers in google scholar and Elsevier on social media marketing and its impact on the consumer buying behaviour. This will help you in writing the literature review section of the study. At the same time, you will also get an idea of modifying the topic covering your area of interest.

Rajshree Tamang Rajshree Tamang

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