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I am finding it really difficult to format my dissertation according to the APA guidelines. I have tried doing it myself, I have tried influencing my friends into doing it, but it’s not fine. There are so many small things that the document not coming across perfectly.  Further, the writing conventions of APA are to be followed as well, so editing is also required. I am looking for some tips about how to format the document in APA and also for editing. Thanks!

asked on 05 May 18Priyanshu Rathore Priyanshu Rathore
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answered on 07 May 18

Why don’t you go for some online editors? Check if your university has a tie up with some of the editors? My university recommends regent editing; their work is good and they do formatting as well. Here’s the link if you are interested:

Sonali Jain Sonali Jain
answered on 24 May 18

I personally prefer doing formatting using MS word. It has a template on APA; and you can use that to carry out with the formatting requirements. There are also tools such as Mendeley that can help you format your references. Try these and see if that’s useful for you.

Aditi Sharma Aditi Sharma

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