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Hey everyone, i need an immediate help as now a days i am looking for some good journals where i can publish my work and get good results. I looked for them on internet but was not able to find them, i also tried asking from my friends but nobody helped.
The topic of my research is Cybersecurity. I can’t find any good journal for my paper where my paper could be analyzed properly. I tried to get my paper published in one of the journal but my paper got rejected. I really need someone who could help me with this.

asked on 12 Jun 18JessicaJessica Staff
2 Answers
answered on 19 Jun 18

Hello, . I think you should go and check in this link.  It’s very good because you can upload details of your research and then you can easily get the list of journals appropriate for your research. Isn’t it’s great, i hope this would be useful for you.

answered on 19 Jun 18

Hey, don’t worry i know you are worried about your research but we all are there to help you. I am sharing a link with you, go through that link .you will get a short overview about all the topics they cover, benefits of publishing your research in that particular journal. They also provide the service of peer review. Submission instructions are also there on the website.
I found it the most helpful.

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