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Hi peeps, i am doing research on Increasing number of vegan in India. In this paper, i will write about who are vegan and what led people to take decision to be vegan, their lifestyle, i will brief about their health. I know what aspects and factors, i have to look upon but i don’t have any clear thought regarding the method to collect data, where should i search? online or i should read books, i dont think, there are much books about vegan, i think this is the problem with me.
I need someone who could brief me with the sources from where i can get the desired material for my research or if there is anyone who know any of the books regarding this topic then please let me know the names. It would be great if someone could share useful links and documents with me.

asked on 13 Jun 18Sonali Jain Sonali Jain
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answered on 20 Jun 18

I am sharing with you the list of books. I got the names from one of my friend.
The Forks Over Knives Plan, The Plant-Based Journey, Lani Muelrath, Becoming Vegan, Brenda Davis, Eating Animals, Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows, Melanie Joy, Animal Liberation, Peter Singer.
Read them. They will really help you to move forward with your research.

Keshav Verma Keshav Verma
answered on 22 Jun 18 , .
I couldn’t find more links related to your research but i have read these links one time so you can easily get the information you want.

Pradeep Sharma Pradeep Sharma
answered on 23 Jun 18

I think you should go for both options, you should read books from there you will get to know the proven facts about vegan and other related theories to it and also, you should search online for research paper. This will give you an idea about the things that you should include in your research.
So, adopting any one of them won’t work. If you want your research to be up to the mark then i don’t think so you should leave any stone unturned.

Manpreet Jaiswal Manpreet Jaiswal

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