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I need some assistance in formulating my bibliography. I have gathered data by reading many research papers, website articles, podcasts, presentations and books also. I need to format my bibliography in APA format as my university’s guidelines suggests. I don’t know how to do it because of which everyday my supervisor is scolding me because there are some mistakes every time, whenever i take my paper to get approved. He is so irritated with me and so am i; he thinks i am stupid and don’t know anything but it’s just i have no idea about bibliography only. I also tried them searching online but nothing useful material was found.

asked on 13 Jun 18Krishan Pancholi Krishan Pancholi
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answered on 23 Jun 18

Hello, let me first clear this to you, it’s not at all easy to format bibliography in any format, but if you look for some material online and can take someone’s supervision, you can do it easily.
Here, i am sharing some examples with you. So that you can understand how to cite different sources in APA format.
Last, F. M. (Year Published) Book. City, State: Publisher. (format to cite a book in print)
Last, F. M. (Year Published) Book. Retrieved from URL (format to cite a book online)
Last, F. M. (Year Published). Book. Retrieved from URL (format to cite a book from a Database)

Rajshree Tamang Rajshree Tamang
answered on 28 Jun 18

Hey, you are getting it all wrong APA Style asks for details of references rather than bibliography.
Keep in mind while citing references you should mention each and every reference cited in the research and they should be alphabetically written by first author’s last name.
A bibliography, however, typically includes resources in addition to those cited in the text and may include annotated descriptions of the items listed.
There should be double space and for each reference, the first line is typed flush with the left margin, and any additional lines are indented as a group a few spaces to the right of the left margin

Aditi Sharma Aditi Sharma
answered on 28 Jun 18 . I searched online for material regarding your problem and then i came across this link. This link has all APA formatting details with examples. So, you will easily get what you are looking for.
I hope this will help you. It’s a very good site.

Manpreet Jaiswal Manpreet Jaiswal
answered on 30 Jun 18

Hey, why are you so worried about such simple formatting? There are many software available online where you can go and directly just upload the information and you will get it in any format. Just like this .
This is very useful. I also used it when i was doing my Phd. Go ahead with this.
Best wishes.

Anubhav Kumar Anubhav Kumar
answered on 03 Jul 18

Hey, i am sharing some links with you. You can directly open them from here, just by clicking on them; Citation Machine , BibMe , Citefast , Citelighter , Docear , OttoBib , RefDot , Zotero . I know this problem must be demotivating you, but you need not to worry about it. Just stay confident and you will solve this problem.
I hope my idea will help you.

Keshav Verma Keshav Verma
answered on 03 Jul 18

In an APA reference list, all listed sources should be indented from the second line onwards. In a reference list, sources are listed alphabetically by author’s surname. Where there are multiple citations by the same author, these would be listed chronologically by year of publication.
You can cite a source directly or indirectly. Examples for both are provided here:

Direct: ‘”Chocolate has an infinite variety of uses” (Davis, 2013, p.8).’
Indirect: ‘As Davis (2013) notes, chocolate can be used in many different ways.’
You can also see this link:

Yashti Iyer Yashti Iyer
answered on 05 Jul 18

Hey, keep calm my friend, i know your problem is major but there is solution of every problem in this world. Go through the link attached below: . Open this link and you will find a list of references for different sources. This is the most helpful link i found.

Lalit Mudra Lalit Mudra

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