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Being a researcher in Psychology, I thought there would be huge literature to study, but I was wrong. I researched on my topic for more than a month, but there was nothing relevant to my study. How do I find the proper study on my topic when the domain has so little of the literature? Please help me out.

asked on 14 Jun 18Aditi SharmaAditi Sharma Staff
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answered on 18 Jun 18

Hi. I completely understand your problem because I had been in the same situation. While in my PhD days I couldn’t find any relevant literature to carry forward my research, I was going to give up in the midway. But let me tell you that not giving up was the best decision and I hope you are not thinking of giving up.
There is nothing like no relevant study of a topic. You have to make the literature pertinent to you. Make use of the information in your domain and mould it as per your topic. Around a billion researches in the world, there must be at least one research talking about your topic; however, you have to jot down the elements from that research and find information on those elements. Let’s say your research is about something happening in the 10th century and you can’t find enough material about the era, revolve your topic around it. Grab information about 13th-century politics, social norms, and other things to compare it with the 10th century and coming back to your topic.

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