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I know reviewing your own paper after completing it, is mandatory.
I am in last year of my Phd and have completed my research but now i want to review it again. So, my query is regarding the points i should keep in mind while rechecking my research because i know all my hard work and sleepless efforts will go wrong if it gets rejected due to its errors and slip-ups. I want my research to be perfect.
So, my main concern while writing this query is to know the key points i should keep in mind and also, is there any software where i can upload my research and it can be checked thoroughly.

asked on 22 Jun 18Manpreet Jaiswal Manpreet Jaiswal
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answered on 26 Jun 18

Writing a research is a very tiresome work. I can understand, i know you will try that i should be perfect and shouldn’t have any kind of risk getting rejected as you must have put in a lot of your efforts in it. I think you should ask any senior or knowledgeable person to check it who is master of your subject and can check and proofread it efficiently. There is no harm in asking for help from somebody. You can submit your research once they are done with checking it.

Rajshree Tamang Rajshree Tamang
answered on 03 Jul 18

Hey, i have an another brilliant idea, you can also buy PhD Planner. Any manual editing could be wrong but the PhD Planner will guide you in each and every are that need to be edited. It will also guide you on how to receive comments from your supervisor and then incorporate them in your academic document. You can also mark days in the calender given in the PhD Planner for other important works.

Keshav Verma Keshav Verma
answered on 06 Jul 18

Many people have suggested you different ideas but if you feel like any of them is not working you can hire for dissertation editing service. They would work on editing, writing and would proofread your paper thoroughly. The proofreaders are experienced and professional editors, who would scan through your write up, and make necessary changes in it, and give you a well-prepared research report.

Sonali Jain Sonali Jain
answered on 06 Jul 18

Once you are done with your dissertation, the next step is to do some rework on it to enhance it and make it more presentable and i don’t think you should take this step lightly. You should pay full attention to it. There are two ways you can polish your document- one is that you can take help from professional proofreaders who will improve the flow of the document while giving suggestions regarding how to improve it further. The second way is to carry out the proofreading task on your own.
You are the only one who can decide which step you should opt. Take your time to think only then move ahead with this. Don’t take decision in rush as it could affect your whole research.

Yashti Iyer Yashti Iyer
answered on 07 Jul 18

Follow the tips given below:
Re-read the whole research carefully, one paragraph at a time and side by side keep on correcting your mistakes.   
Give importance to each of your paragraphs. Don’t miss any of them.
Pay careful attention to Homophones
Pay special attention to your grammar and language.
At last, i would suggest you to read your research paper with an editor’s eye, wide open to see what you might have skipped before.

Aditi Sharma Aditi Sharma

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