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I want to develop few empirical papers from my thesis, but I am finding it rather difficult to do so. I had worked on 3 objectives and to address them, I had collected quantitative data and analyzed it by performing descriptive analysis on SPSS software. It was a very simple research, and I am planning to make at least 2 or 3 papers out of it. The issue is that how am I going to divide my analysis so as to put it in different papers. I mean the analysis is as per my objectives, which are inter-related and I cant just divide them and develop different papers on it. It would be of great help if someone would have some experience in writing papers from thesis/dissertation, and could assist me on the same. Thanks.

asked on 28 Jun 18Lisa Hedgewell Lisa Hedgewell
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answered on 29 Jun 18

Hi, did you do any pilot study? If yes, then you can use the details and analysis of your pilot study in one paper, and the complete analysis of your study in the other paper. You can then focus on modifying/paraphrasing your objectives in both of the papers and writing completely different contents to make them look different from each other.

Sonali Jain Sonali Jain
answered on 03 Jul 18

From my thesis, I had developed 3 papers, among which 2 were empirical! And they turned out to be pretty good as all 3 of them are published in reputed journals. See, I’ll suggest you to pick 1 or 2 of your objectives and break them further into some secondary objectives. Take only some of your analysis (maybe concerned with descriptive statistics or hypothesis testing, if any) which would satisfy the objective and place it in the paper. For the other secondary objectives, you can simply do a theoretical research. This way, your paper will get a different angle. For the other research paper, you can select the left out objective of your thesis and follow the similar pattern as suggested above.
And if you are still finding it difficult to break your analysis, then you can manipulate it. Maybe you can just change the numbers in your statistics? Define a different population/sample? Or write your hypothesis in a different manner? Anything which suits you well.

Manpreet Jaiswal Manpreet Jaiswal
answered on 07 Jul 18
Hey, i found this link. It’s a whole study about empirical paper. Read it carefully and work according to it.
This will help you the most.

Krishan Pancholi Krishan Pancholi
answered on 07 Jul 18

I will brief you about the method and material of empirical paper
This segment is centred around the specific techniques – steps of your research study. This area must be clear, sorted out, and should incorporate strategies that were really utilized (not methods you attempted but rather did not utilize or fizzled). The goal is that others can follow the steps to replicate your study.
Sub headings can be used depending on your research and subject.

Yashti Iyer Yashti Iyer

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