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I am base PhD student .actually  i am a research area is machine Learning and deep learning . mainly speech and speaker recognition techniques  used in machine learning and deep learning. please give me some good suggestion about this topics. how to starts? what are the major reference journals? what are tools and techniques are more relevant for me? how to collect some good base papers? if there is any programming languages are need? how to collect data ? these are my  basic doubts. please give some good suggestions and instruction for me. 

asked on 03 Jul 18Chinchu Chinchu
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answered on 18 Jul 18

Machine Learning is a concept to study through samples and knowledge, without being explicitly programmed. You feed data to the generic algorithm, and it builds logic based on the data given.
Examples of Machine Learning
Machine learning has an extensive range of examples, but I can’t tell you each one of them. I will list down some of them.
Face detection
Email filtering
Medical diagnosis
Weather prediction
I am also giving you some links to the existing research paper on machine learning. You can have a look and determine the tools used.

Shubham Bichwani shubham bichwani

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