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Hi, everyone. The topic of my research is utilization of the impact of ethics on job satisfaction and employee engagement:  Assessing the determinants and level of adherence. I know, this is a very vast topic to search on. So i talked to my supervisor to have a better idea about my statistic test and after a lot of discussion we came to a decision that i should use chi square test statistic to test the relationship between the variables related to postal and telecommunication services. I tried doing it once and then i get it checked by my supervisor, but unfortunately it was wrong and now, i have to do it again. My supervisor is very good and he is helping me in every way he can. But still, i want some more information regarding this. So that i can start reworking on my project ASAP.

asked on 06 Jul 18Yashti Iyer Yashti Iyer
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answered on 09 Jul 18

The basic idea of Chi test is that it is the most important nonparametric tests and is used when two or more variables are compared for a randomly selected data.
There are two types of chi- square test.

  1. Chi-square goodness of fit test
  2. Chi-square test for independence of two variables

Read about both of the types and you will have an idea about the test then.

Manpreet Jaiswal Manpreet Jaiswal
answered on 16 Jul 18

Hey, i also used the same test when i was doing my research and trust me it is very easy and reliable. My research area was similar to yours.
Initially, i also found some issues while doing this test but then i searched online regarding Chi square test and found a link which has even minute details about it with examples.

Sonali Jain Sonali Jain
answered on 16 Jul 18

There is a certain point when you use Chi square test i.e. when there is only one nominal variable with more than two values for instance, blue, black and grey dress. With chi square test you can compare such observations, which you calculate using some kind of theoretical expectation. Chi square test is appropriate for a large category.
I hope this piece of information must have helped you.

Keshav Verma Keshav Verma

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