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Evaluating the determinants, measures and testing machines of stainless steel fatigue strength under dynamic environments, this is the topic of my research. I need to calculate the fibre volume fraction of synthetic fibre. I don’t have much broad idea about it that i can use it in my research.
It would be great if someone could help me in determining the fibre fraction of synthetic fibre or you can also help me by suggesting some papers related to my study. It would be easier for me.

asked on 07 Jul 18Lisa Hedgewell Lisa Hedgewell
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answered on 16 Jul 18

The properties of fiber fortified composites are for the most important part controlled by the division of reinforcement and matrix. In this manner, to plan a framework in light of composite materials, it is vital to carefully measure the volume fractions of the composites with a proper method.

Yashti Iyer Yashti Iyer

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