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Hi, i am pursuing my PhD in tool design and presently in my second year and my research topic is Fatigue in large constructions, but the problem which i am facing is my entire design which i had proposed has to be modified fully and the time which is alloted to me is very less. My mentor gave me a suggestion to use reverse engineering technique but i am not aware of what that is, hence my question is how can Reverse Engineering technique can be adopted for decreasing the designing time?

asked on 07 Jul 18Jessica Jessica
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answered on 09 Jul 18

Pre-designed objects are available online in CAD form, which can be taken directly and can be modified as per own requirements thus reducing the designing time about 20-30%.
Most commonly used online tool is ( where more than 1,00,000 pre-designed objects are available for download.

Pradeep Sharma Pradeep Sharma
answered on 16 Jul 18
It’s a link to a research paper on the topic of your query. Have a look. Nobody here would help you in a way this link would help you.
All the best!!

Keshav Verma Keshav Verma
answered on 16 Jul 18

Reverse engineering, also known as back engineering, is the procedure by which a man-made object is deconstructed to uncover its plans, architecture, or to extricate information from the object; like scientific research, the main contrast being that scientific research is about a natural phenomenon.
Reverse engineering is relevant in the fields of mechanical, electronic designing, software, chemical engineering.

Manpreet Jaiswal Manpreet Jaiswal

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