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Hello everybody,
I am looking for good case studies for my research topic: The challenges of marketing logistics: Product distribution, Price and Promotion. Who so ever is suggesting me please keep in mind that the case study should not be too long as i don’t have much time to review it completely.
So please help me accordingly.

asked on 07 Jul 18Priyanshu Rathore Priyanshu Rathore
3 Answers
answered on 12 Jul 18
This is a link to the samples of the case study.  It has numerous examples to go through.
Read it if still, you have some problem you can anytime get back to me.

Anubhav Kumar Anubhav Kumar
answered on 16 Jul 18
This link has a sample of case study for your reference. So that you can have a better idea and can start working on it.

Rajshree Tamang Rajshree Tamang
answered on 16 Jul 18
This is a proper study on case study. Through this link, you will have a clear picture of what is case study, steps involved in the process, and other information also, regarding your query.

Lalit Mudra Lalit Mudra

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