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I am setting up my PhD proposals as of now. I have just got my topic approved from my guide. I am contemplating the impact of components like HR works on, preparing and improvement, pay fulfilment, stretch and hierarchical duty on worker turnover expectation. I don’t know as to which statistical instrument should I use for analysis and results. I will be using primary data obtained through a questionnaire survey. Any recommendations?

asked on 11 Jul 18Varun T varun t
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answered on 12 Jul 18

Choosing an appropriate statistical tool is the most important decision your whole research work depends on it.
You can use Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation and accompany it with a graph analysis. The impact can be rightly studied by computing the degree of correlation.

Supriya Mishra supriya mishra
answered on 13 Jul 18

I am listing down some softwares which you can use in your research paper.
R (R Foundation for Statistical Computing)
MATLAB (The Mathworks)
Microsoft Excel
SAS (Statistical Analysis Software)
GraphPad Prism

Brijesh Sharma brijesh sharma

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