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Never realized that time administration can be an issue, until now when I am without a doubt unable to meet my due dates. My poor capacities have prompted:

  1. A pissed mentor. He is so pissed at me at the present time, where he is certain I can never submit my thesis on time.
  2. A room of tensions. I can’t sort out my work and there is much work to do, which is just heaping up.
  3. Restless evenings. Not that I attempt, but rather each one of those research-related-tensions has abandoned me with a sleeping disorder. It’s so awful now that I can’t focus on my work.

I am in genuine need of some assistance and suggestion with which I can finish my work on time and meet due dates.

asked on 12 Jul 18Ritu Gupta ritu gupta
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answered on 13 Jul 18

I would suggest you to maintain a schedule for everything. In that schedule take time to rest so that you can completely concentrate on your thesis. Also, the following blog will give you some great tips regarding that. Hope you’ll find it useful.

Nilisha Yadav nilisha yadav
answered on 14 Jul 18

In my opinion, you are a procrastinator that’s why you are not able to meet your deadline. I think you need motivation to complete your thesis.
In my situation, I was too lethargic to do anything and only started doing my research work when the deadline was on my head. I joined the ‘art of living course’ just for the purpose of going out and I must say that it did miracles for me. I actually felt motivated and active to do my research. So be a little active, go for exercises, or start some creative course. That’ll keep you at your best. It’s important to do other activities as well.

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