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Hi everybody, my background is literature and in my research, i am comparing the women in urban areas and in rural areas today. So, i need to develop a demographic questionnaire for measuring the difference between “rural” & “urban” situation of marginalized women now a days as there is a big difference between them one of the main factors affecting is education. Can someone help me out, like what could be some good demographic questions?

asked on 12 Jul 18Lalit Mudra Lalit Mudra
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answered on 17 Jul 18

Demographic data can sometimes be scary. The longing to be sensitive to a diverse population can be a struggle with a researcher’s need to segment their data. Your objectives should manage your demographic guide questions
Before we hop directly into making these inquiries, I need to advise you that every single question ought to be mapped back to the bigger objective of your research

Krishan Pancholi Krishan Pancholi
answered on 18 Jul 18

These type of questions you can include in your demographic questionnaire.  
What is your age?
Under 18
18-24 years old
25-34 years old
35-44 years old
45-54 years old
What is your marital status?
Single (never married)
Married, or in a domestic partnership
What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed?
Less than a high school diploma
High school degree or equivalent (e.g. GED)
Some college, no degree
Associate degree (e.g. AA, AS)
Bachelor’s degree (e.g. BA, BS)
Master’s degree (e.g. MA, MS, MEd)
Professional degree (e.g. MD, DDS, DVM)
Doctorate (e.g. PhD, EdD)

Naman Bhalla naman bhalla
answered on 18 Jul 18
This is a sample of a demographic questionnaire.

Mayank Singh mayank singh

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