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Hey, i am really heartbroken now, as i didn’t sleep from past 2 days and wrote my synopsis for PhD of 4 thousand words, but unfortunately, it got rejected. I asked my supervisor to tell me what mistakes i have done. He handed over me the list of mistakes which are as follows:

  1. My synopsis is not focused and appealing enough.
  2. The topic is also not structured.
  3. The format of my synopsis is wrong.

Someone help me please as i will get only one more chance. So, it’s very important for me to make it up to the mark. Thanks.

asked on 12 Jul 18Lisa Hedgewell Lisa Hedgewell
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answered on 17 Jul 18

Sharing with you 5 tips on how to write a synopsis:
Narrative Arc. It means a clarification of the issue or plot and how the book or novel finishes. It outlines what happens and It gives the researcher a decent and dependable review of your written work aptitudes.
Unique Point of View. This type of researcher is always searching for a fresh idea of or remarkable elements.
Write Clearly. Focus on clarity in your writing and avoid wordiness.

Aditi Sharma Aditi Sharma
answered on 18 Jul 18

The format of synopsis is as follows:
The beginning should be strong identifying your research, issues or confusion, and setting. The next paragraph should convey any major plot turns or necessary conflicts and any characters that should be mentioned in order for your book summary to make sense to whoever is reading it. Lastly, it should indicate how major conflicts are resolved. This ensures a clear presentation of your book or novel and doesn’t leave the reader confused.

Varun T varun t
answered on 18 Jul 18
You can hire services from this link or you can also take suggestions and help regarding your topic.

Shubham Bichwani shubham bichwani
answered on 18 Jul 18

Use the snowflake method to write your synopsis
I used the snowflake method when I was doing my PhD.
There are numerous approaches to arrange your novel, yet I utilized the Snowflake Method, where you begin by depicting your novel in one sentence, at that point extend it to a paragraph, then to a page. The last step before taking a seat and composing is making a scene list.
This approach gave me a reasonable view of the master plan all through the whole writing and altering process.

Manpreet Jaiswal Manpreet Jaiswal

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