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Hi, my topic is The Gospel in the City: A Comparative Study of Urban Mission Strategies of Three denominations in Accra. I have to interview 60 people in all: thus, 8 Pastors, 2 Directors of Missions, 5 church members, 5 church elders, from each denomination. Can you tell me what sort of questions I need to include in a Questionnaire?

asked on 14 Jul 18Mayank Singh mayank singh
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answered on 15 Jul 18

First, tell us which method you would adopt, quantitative or qualitative then only one can choose which types of questions you should add.

Aditi Sharma Aditi Sharma
answered on 17 Jul 18

Open-ended questions
These type of questions will give respondents a chance to answer your questions in a free-flowing manner. The question following this method will not have any predetermined set of responses and the respondent will be free to answer whatever he/she feels right.
Closed-ended questions
These type of questions basically will be multiple choice questions, where there must be likert scale and your respondents will be answering from that only. There will be no fixed limit as to how many multiple choices should be given; the number can be even or odd.
Make a choice regarding what type of questions you would like to add then, make your questionnaire.

Sonali Jain Sonali Jain

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