Hello all, this is the first time when I am starting a string and it’s pleasant to see that there are other people having similar issues. In this way, I’ll come directly to the point, I am having a few troubles getting my head around statistics and methodology.
I have studied a considerable amount of books and settled on my methods yet the barrier is picking the suitable statistical test and the sample size. I am considering directing survey with basic random method and afterwards doing regression analysis as it would be most reasonable according to my research area. Yet, how would I do the power analysis and pick the sample size? It’s extremely confusing.

asked on 15 Jul 18Aanchal S aanchal s
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answered on 16 Jul 18

Find an online calculator for selecting the sample size. You can find it on google easily by typing ‘online power/sample size calculator’ then you will find a whole load of different tools.

Archit D archit d
answered on 17 Jul 18

I used an online power calculator, the one at
http://www.danielsoper.com/statcalc/ and also the one at
You can also try any of these.

Brijesh Sharma brijesh sharma
answered on 19 Jul 18

Sure, this is the first PDF I got on sample size formulas. Here’s the link:

Supriya Mishra supriya mishra

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