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I require some suggestions in regards to what sort of investigation I ought to do, possibly mixed method, utilizing thematic analysis with quantitative research. I am somewhat lost as it is very confusing. In my study, I need to do research on the marketing strategies adopted by the foreign brands dealing with clothes in India and what difficulties they face. Also, I want to evaluate that why people prefer them over the local brands. For that, I am thinking to interview the employees of the malls and the customers who visit there. Along these lines, I will comprehend the opinions of both the sides. I am somewhat lost here, would it be a good idea for me to meet the employees and customers and conduct surveys? What amount of test size would it be advisable for me to take? In which strategy would I be able to do thematic analysis and quantitative examination?

asked on 16 Jul 18Naman Bhalla naman bhalla
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answered on 17 Jul 18

You can generate themes by conducting interviews, just check if you are allowed to video record participants and generate transcripts? And through your study what objectives you are aiming at? I mean to say that look in the sole objective of your study.

Anubhav Kumar Anubhav Kumar
answered on 19 Jul 18

Firstly, determine the sample size for your study. Then using a sample size formula, calculate your sample on the basis of the population and confidence interval. You can go and check online as there are so many calculators available online.

Rashi Garg rashi garg

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