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I am on the writing phase of my research, where I am simply finished with the writing survey part. According to my college rules, I need to send my chapters for analysis when I am finished with it. The thing is that my first part was beneath the bar set by my director and subsequently, it returned with a great deal of altering and comments. But well I overcame the adjustments, while I was working on part 2. But now, I would prefer not to commit a similar mistake and send it without altering it. In this way, I am on the second page and I haven’t got a single thing to change, with the exception of some grammatical mistake and language structure blunders. Furthermore, I additionally realize that this is not it. There must be something which I am missing. This is the reason I am writing this query here so that you guys can tell me the basic idea of editing and what are the things I might be missing.

asked on 16 Jul 18Raiman S Raiman S
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answered on 16 Jul 18

The one thing that you should always keep in mind while editing the research is the flow between the sentences and paragraphs, it should match. Focus on the structure of your chapters. And to increase your editing skills, maybe you can use a tool such as stylewriter and grammarly.

Naman Bhalla naman bhalla
answered on 17 Jul 18

Prepare a structure which you will follow and then check which of the chapter is not following that structure and then edit it accordingly.

Kartik Varma kartik varma
answered on 18 Jul 18

I think it’s impossible to edit your own paper. So the best method I see is to give your paper or thesis to your friend because they will look into your research in a totally new vision and they will easily find mistakes which you are incapable of.

Varun T varun t
answered on 19 Jul 18

Take some time in-between the writing and editing. Don’t just complete writing and take on with editing immediately, that ways you won’t find anything wrong. Take your time, do something else in between, and only start editing when your mind is fresh enough.

Nilisha Yadav nilisha yadav

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