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I want to do my PhD from a well-reputed university in UK but have no idea about the procedure they follow, What is the admission criteria there? What is the fees?
If someone here knows anything about these details. Please let me know.

asked on 19 Jul 18Sur M sur m
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answered on 19 Jul 18

The scholar needs to have at least an undergraduate degree from a recognised university. Some colleges also demand scholar to finish a masters degree in order to apply for a PhD. Every colleges and program has distinct entry qualifications, so you must check the specific entry requirements for the university you are interested in.

Aanchal S aanchal s
answered on 20 Jul 18

I agree what aanchal is saying, and I will also add one more point that you will be required to meet the English language requirements set by the university which usually range between IELTS 6.0 and 7.0.

Raiman S Raiman S
answered on 21 Jul 18

I have no idea about the fee structure, but I can tell you the main funding routes for PhD students. There are 3 types
1. Self-funded
2. Studentship
3. Scholarship
You can read about them and apply accordingly.

Nancy Trivedi nancy trivedi

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