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Hey, the biggest problem of my life is that my research findings don’t match my expectations and so to with the objectives and aims of my study. Everything was going so well until the time I studied the results of my research carefully I got to know that they are totally different from my objectives and paper, likewise, if my research is talking about xyz then my results are talking about abc.
My deadline is near pls help me to fix this problem.

asked on 19 Jul 18Amrita Goyal amrita goyal
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answered on 19 Jul 18

I think you have a precise view of your research hypothesis. Make sure that this is decided simply at the commencement of your research. Compile the sections you have accumulated and identify the main features.
Begin with the parts that are most clear to you. After writing some part of the research you will start finding the areas where you still need to look for more information.

Rashi Garg rashi garg
answered on 20 Jul 18
This is the research finding chapter of an existing research paper. From this, you will have an idea about what you need to do.

Keshav Verma Keshav Verma
answered on 21 Jul 18


  1. Provide and explain the context.
  2.  Emphasize the positive.
  3.  Look toward the future.


  1. Simply rehash your results.
  2. Exaggerate.
  3. End with it.
Yashti Iyer Yashti Iyer

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