My query is about how to develop a research tool. In fact, it would be great if someone could brief me about What is a research tool? How to determine it? What are the things that need to include in it?

asked on 21 Jul 18Piyush Batra piyush batra
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answered on 22 Jul 18

Research tools are considered a necessity while performing a study. Research tools include all inventions, discoveries and existing knowledge and not just the techniques and instruments of data collection.

Nancy Trivedi nancy trivedi
answered on 23 Jul 18

The following are the steps to guide you in the construction of a research tool:
STEP 1: Clearly explain and arrange all the particular objectives or research questions of the study.
STEP 2: For every research question, list the associated problems that you would want to examine answers for through your study.
STEP 3: Consider each research question listed in the previous step to identify the information required to answer it.
STEP 4: Questions may be formulated to obtain answers to the research problems of step 2.

Rashi Garg rashi garg

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