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I am in the first year student of PhD and the domain in which I study is management. I need to write a research and know some of the points while that should be kept in mind while writing thesis such as it should be original., it should stick to the topic. But I think these points are not enough and want to have some more points in hand so that I produce a perfect thesis.
Please help!!

asked on 21 Jul 18Mayank Singh mayank singh
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answered on 21 Jul 18

You should invest most of your time in the introduction and the conclusion chapter while writing your thesis as they leave the maximum impact on the reader.

Naman Bhalla naman bhalla
answered on 22 Jul 18

You should work the most on the aims and objectives of the research.

Mansi Singhal mansi singhal
answered on 23 Jul 18

Five Things to remember while writing a thesis are:
1. Pick an interesting topic.
2. Build your thesis statement on a central theme.
3. Sequence your thoughts logically.
4. Pass three tests: How? Why? So what?
5. Proofread your paper.

Sur M sur m
answered on 24 Jul 18

Writing your PhD thesis include these points:
1. Make sure you meet the PhD requirements of your institution
2. Write the introduction chapter in the end
3. Address the unanswered questions
4. Rechecking is important
5. Get feedback on the whole thesis

Nancy Trivedi nancy trivedi

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