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What are the common mistakes one make while writing proposal? I am writing this query because I need to write a proposal for my friend as he is busy in his sister’s wedding and I don’t want he face any problem because of my weak proposal writing.
Please tell me some common errors I could make while writing the proposal.

asked on 23 Jul 18Luv Bhatia luv bhatia
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answered on 23 Jul 18

Most students neglect to recognise the underlying objectives and importance of a research proposal. Research would be sought to be good only if its proposal reaches the deemed level of quality. So you need to write proposal keeping the research area and work in mind.
Read about the topic thoroughly before starting the proposal writing.

Sanjay Singla sanjay singla
answered on 24 Jul 18

Improper use of context to frame the research question
Inability to define the boundary limits for research
Failure to cite suitable pieces of literature
Incorrect display of empirical participation by other researchers
Deviation from the research question
Inappropriate detailing on significant issues and arguments
Lapse in source citation and references
Failing to abide by the writing style guidelines
Poor writing
These are some common mistakes which researchers do while writing the proposal.

Himakshi B himakshi b

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