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My deadline is after 1 month, but I need to hurry up as I haven’t even started writing my dissertation and I need to write 60,000 words.
I am confused from where to start? And How to go about it?
Please help me in scheduling my dissertation so that I would be able to complete it on time.

asked on 23 Jul 18Mayank Singh mayank singh
3 Answers
answered on 23 Jul 18

According to me first, you should finish your writing part. Write everything that is coming in your mind related to your research area and once you are done writing it start editing it. Add impressive detail, diagrams and bibliography.

Anju Mehra anju mehra
answered on 24 Jul 18

You should start working on it ASAP as there is so much to write in a dissertation and 1 month is not enough to write 60,000 words.
You can also do one thing, you can buy PhD Planner book with its help you can schedule your dissertation. I am sharing a link regarding the book only.

Luv Bhatia luv bhatia
answered on 25 Jul 18

You can take help from experts. Nowadays, there are so many websites who have experts working under them who can write your dissertation. I am sharing the link here, you can take help from them.

Sanjay Singla sanjay singla

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