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I have planned to pursue my PhD in Data science. I am at the initial stage of my research and analysing the various fields in which I can work. I have narrow down two fields like prediction of diseases using medical data and sales forecasting. But, I am still not convinced about which tool to use for carrying out the research. Initially, I have planned to use the R language for this research, and some of my professors suggested to go with Python. Please advise me which software can carry out my research correctly.

asked on 23 Jul 18Supriya Mishra supriya mishra
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answered on 24 Jul 18

I would say both R Language and Python are suitable for any research related to data science. Both have options to deal with any objective related to data processing. Both can aid in statistics, visualization, etc.

Nilisha Yadav nilisha yadav
answered on 25 Jul 18

Hey, I agree with the user above, but it would be more appropriate if priority could be given to python as it is one of the best languages in data science with the availability of the variety of modules like pandas, sensor flow. Along with this, there are additional modules that can assist in optimization as well which is an essential task in data science. So, I would recommend you to go ahead with Python.

Archit D archit d

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