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Hi! I am looking for non-academic career options after PhD. After being in this field for continuous years, I realised that this is not my cup of tea. Therefore, I am looking for other career options after I complete my course. I am sure there must be others who took a different career line after PhD, and I would like to know how that is going. I am just looking for open advises, regarding other career options and experiences in the same.
People with such kind of experience feel free to share.
Thanks in advance!

asked on 24 Jul 18Shubham Bichwani shubham bichwani
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answered on 25 Jul 18

I agree you can do that. I haven’t done that, but it’s a good option as one of my friends did the same thing. He did his PhD and then joined a private company and guess what just because of his PhD degree he got selected for a higher position.

Nancy Trivedi nancy trivedi
answered on 26 Jul 18

I think it’s a great idea and I am saying this with experience. I did my PhD, and after that, I chose a career line which was non-academic, and I think that was the best decision I have ever made. It’s just like PhD is complimenting my non-academic career.
Just keep one thing in mind that choose the career wisely that’s it else, it’s a good option.

Sur M sur m

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