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Hello experts. I need some assistance in finalising the tool to carry out my research. My research area is in data science where I have planned to use machine learning for data classification and visualisation. I have a concern like whether I should go with WEKA or R for the realisation of my research. I have little knowledge on WEKA and have initially started with that. But when it comes to data visualisation, WEKA hangs and crashes a lot. This issue may be due to a large size of data.
Please advise me on the same and suggest the relevant software

asked on 24 Jul 18Himakshi B himakshi b
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answered on 25 Jul 18

Weka has mentioned the issue since it needs to import the entire data for processing. Generally, for data science, the focus will be more on R since it is simple and faster to handle as compared to WEKA. Also, R has numerous collection of data mining and relevant algorithms that can be easily called for processing.

Varun T varun t
answered on 26 Jul 18

I would recommend you to select the tool based on the algorithms you are going to use since designing the algorithm is considered as a significant part. You can go with Python as well for the realization of this research.

Nilisha Yadav nilisha yadav

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