Hi, my topic of research is “RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES IN INDIA: AN ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF POST REFORM PERIOD”. Can I do this study? If yes, then can I use SPSS for analysis of the study? And one more thing what do I need to do to conduct such analysis?

asked on 24 Jul 18Archana Bagga archana bagga
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answered on 25 Jul 18

Don’t take any decision in a rush as this is the most crucial decision one makes while writing a research paper. So, I think you should take some suggestions from your professor, or you can also consult the experts regarding this. PFA the link below:

Mayank Singh mayank singh
answered on 26 Jul 18

Yes, for sure you can use SPSS for analysis of the study. You can conduct surveys for this type of research.

Piyush Batra piyush batra
answered on 27 Jul 18

Yes my friend, Why not?
You must research the topic which interests you, and if this topic is appealing enough for you then, you must work on this only.

Raiman S Raiman S

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