My question from all of you is that what is the correct method which I can use in my study. I am analysing the families who are dependent on the male of the house for their living for that I am thinking to interview the families rather than interviewing the males of the families. As it will help me to collect more data. But I am unable to do so, and I don’t know what type of questions I should include? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

asked on 27 Jul 18Kartik Varma kartik varma
2 Answers
answered on 28 Jul 18

First, let us know what type of interview you are conducting as there are three types in it unstructured, semistructured and structured.
Provide us with this information only then we would be able to help you.

Naman Bhalla naman bhalla
answered on 29 Jul 18

You can include points mentioned below in your questions:
Ask about Hypothetical examples
Ask about specific things they have done
Use Stimulated Recall

Raiman S Raiman S

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