I have enrolled in a masters program, and my area of research is worldwide protection, which deals with all the safety issues like terrorism, non-proliferation and disputes between states. I am very keen on studying public international laws and would like to land a job in an international organisation only. But first, I need to choose a particular topic to work on. I might seem very confident about what I want to do, but honestly, I have no idea as how to choose a topic.
Please help.
Thank you in advance!

asked on 27 Jul 18Archit D archit d
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answered on 28 Jul 18

I agree, and in my opinion, also you should find the topic yourself only. My brother was facing the same problem; his supervisor was rejecting his topic again and again so, he turned to the subject matter experts and took help from them. They assisted with dissertation problems, such as writing, editing, analysis help, topic suggestions, etc. Experts suggested him 4 topics with a brief with each one of them. The topics were good, and finally, his mentor accepted one of them, so, I am sure you will also get the same assistance. I am attaching a link below; if you want to, you can connect.

Himakshi B himakshi b
answered on 29 Jul 18

According to me, nobody here would be able to help you as you can only help yourself because you know the in and out of your area so, it is better if you do it on your own!! Start reading some existing literature on it, find a research gap and then you’ll be good to go.

Supriya Mishra supriya mishra

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